Oil & Gas Client - National Co.

"We were left with some type of Virtual Server, I was told, as the new CEO/ Principal. Via Word of Mouth, we found TSP1. They rebuilt our network from the ground up, and other than your typical common unforeseen hiccups, our nationwide network, has been the most reliable computer environment I have ever experienced in 44yrs in the O&G industry. Not sure how, and why, but they are 5-star IT, in my mind. I'd highly recommend you call them, without hesitation."  - Greg W.

Non Profit Client(s)

"So our IT vendor completely and utterly failed us, then disappeared. My heart dropped. Lost data, no more network, no shares, nothing. My husband told us about TSP1, LLC. I called, and turns out - it was the best call I ever made!" Karyn B. 

Capital Venture Group

"Smart, easy to communicate with. TSP1's staff and especially the owner, truly understood our needs. They "get" small business, and our cost concerns, and our lack of IT understanding. They do not talk down to us, they teach, they explain - all I can say, is we struck gold. Call them, if you spend too much on your current IT services, call them if you need true professional IT Support. Young techie types, do not have this real business understanding. Believe me when I say, hire TSP1" Meagan B.

Restaurant Group/ Chain

"We have 28 locations, and are growing, and when I think of our IT Support, I know TSP1 has got things handled. They have always stayed ahead of the curve, and there isn't any issue that arises, that they can;t resolve within 24hrs, and sometimes in minutes. We have trusted them with our entire infrastructure for 10yrs now. I strongly recommend them, to any company, any industry. They are the real deal. Casey K.

Medical Firm/ Franchise Group

"As part of large franchise group, we have limited control of our operations, but one area we can choose of our own, is IT Support. We choose TSP1, LLC, and we appreciate their patience and understanding of our needs. We are demanding and even though it's hard to always know which vendor we have has an outage, or issue - we can rely on TSP1 to handle it, get to the bottom of things, and resolve it." Glenn H, M.D

Golf Course Group

"Many years ago, our owner introduced us to TSP1, LLC formerly NetSysTek, and the owner Chris Kutensky. We have had many changes, and have grown to 4 golf courses now, with more to come, and we constantly have new IT challenges and needs, that TSP1 steps up and handles for us, without hesitation. We honestly tried a cheaper IT vendor once, and it was the biggest mistake. It ended up costing us triple to reverse the mistakes made, and we missed the professionalism. "TSP forever" Steve D.