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Support Plans # Easy as 1-2-3

MSP/ Office Network Support

Managed Services 80/20 Plan

 - Annual Terms: 2 to 3yrs

Based On:

- Cost Per Pc or Seat

- Cost Per Server

All inclusive Office IT Support included, with exceptions: 

Projects, Migrations, Implementations, non typical IT Support. Basically anything that is not routine, not common support tasks, or tasks that require half day or more of specific support.  

* Most common Office IT Service of today! As it is considered the most cost effective approach to your "Office Support". Call and inquire more, talk to Sales today! 

Network Maintenance+

Maintenance & Hourly 20/80 Plan

 - Annual Terms: 1 to 2yr

Based On:

- Network Maintenance 

- Plus On-Premise End User Support:

Network Plan is basically full network systems review, sweep, updates, patches, backup testing, etc.

The 'plus' is hourly billable support calls, request, for system Break/Fix billed separately. 

With Discounts off Standard Hourly Rates, under this contract/agreement.

Hourly Consulting Only

No Contracts, No Fees, just IT Support, as needed. 

When broke, we fix it!

Standard Hourly Rate - $125/hr

911/After Hours Rate - $165/hr

We also offer  - 

* Buy Block of 25 Hours - 20% OFF.


Network & End User Support

 It’s no secret that computers cause problems for small and medium-sized businesses from time to time. Emails won’t send. You can’t connect to the Internet. Documents won’t save. We understand the frustrations and the unwanted interruption to the workday.  We have 18yrs in Denver metro alone, assisting hundreds of clients day to day, either on as needed basis, or monthly managed Service plan. Call today, learn more, how we can help!

Office 365 Migrations & Support

Our business is dependent upon sensitive company data. Above all, you need to protect it.We offer a combination of computer network security products and services to protect this information. At the core is 24x7x365 monitoring to inspect firewall traffic for potential threats. 

  • Increases your network’s performance
  • Improves end user efficiency
  • Creates an additional security perimeter defense today!

Backup Solutions & Hosting

 It happens. Good companies have gone under because of one really bad day. It could just be a disk going bad on a critical server and poor data security measures. It could be a pipe burst or a fire.There are a lot of things that can happen in the world of IT that will ruin your day. Our job is to make tomorrow a better one.

Innovative Cloud Solutions

Today many SMB's are migrating their office networks to the Cloud, and we agree that part of your network should be migrated, but the best solutions also takes cost into consideration. We have worked with hundreds of Cloud vendors, and we take the best of their solutions, and establish a Hybrid Cloud Solutions for our clients, combining cost effective data management, security and efficiency, for the most appropriate affordable solutions, as opposed to the IT vendors who simply resales and profit on clients, as we find during our cleanup efforts with new clients.

On-Premise Servers Management

 At TSP1, LLC, we support and manage your computer servers and networks on a flat-fee basis or monthly services plan, of your choice. 

We provide the tools necessary to stabilize and grow your computing environment so that you can focus on running your business. For nearly 20 years, we have continually honed our network support and management processes, resulting in satisfied clients, providing IT Support for Denver businesses with:

  • Reliable & Stable infrastructure and secure networks.
  • Long term planning, appropriate technology, affordable solutions.
  • Minimal onsite expenditures, long-term support cost savings

Disaster Recovery Plans & Security

 The world of IT security is a scary place, and it seems like the bad guys are winning. Every week it seems we hear of another severe data breach, or a new piece of malware wreaking havoc in the IT world.Businesses of all sizes experience security issues today. Sadly, all businesses today are targets, and an attack on your business can cost thousands, and risk your bank accounts, and financial stability. Unfortunately when multi-billion dollar organizations such as  Symantec have to learn everyday, which risks exist, there is no IT service provider that can promise you’ll never get hacked. So don't trust any vendor that says otherwise, but with the proper attention and our years of experience, we know how to build layers, traini staff and deploy only top tier softwares, and keep the risks minimal.